Get free Tokens in Chaturbate using our tool!


Our community

Chaturbate-Tokens is an international community of people related to the famous adult website - Chaturbate. If you don't want to pay too high prices for the tockens out there, you have come to the right place. Or maybe you just want to discuss about the service itself? Being annoyed by another Chaturbate update, when they're stil using an outdated Flash player?


Thanks to our simple tool that will allow you to add even a thousands of tockets straight to your account you will become a Chaturbate magnate. Just fill out a simple survey before proceeding and that's it. Getting tockens out here will cost you even up to 95% less than directly on the Chaturbate website!

How does it work?

We've got a huge network of Chaturbate referrals, and everytime they are buying a tokens on the official Chaturbate site - we are getting our share. We needed to create Chaturbate-Tokens, in order to give out these Tokens since we don't need them. Of course we are not giving them for free - but worry not! All you have to do is complete a survey, as said before. No credit cards info, no Paypal transfers - just one survey.

Beta version

Please note that we are still in our beta and you may encounter some kind of bugs, but they shouldn't be serious. If you want to help us to improve our service, contact us directly to our e-mail given in the 'Contact' subpage.