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4.9 stars

Anonymous Less than 1 hour ago

Just as described, i topped up my Chaturbate acc with 1200 Tokens, but it took my a while because of these annoying surveys, is there something you can do about them? plz...

Bones476 Less than 1 hour ago

I had an empty account, now it looks like it. THANKS!!! all the hoes are mine f*** off d:

AUGUMZ Less than 1 hour ago

@Anonymous yea I hate surveys too but I think owners of this website have to earn cash some way. I spend less than one buck for completing the offer and I got 1000 tokens - saved more than $80. IT'S WORTH IT

Anonymous Less than 1 hour ago

survey!!!!!!! -.- annoying but I will try to do it

Anonymous Less than 1 hour ago

ive been strugling with one survey for a 10 minutes but I choosed another one and I finished it in just 2 minutes lol. Ofc I got the tokens

Anonymous 1 hour ago

@MaggiCraft because there's an limit, they have said it before you dumbass. Just wait ~3 hours and you will be able to generate more

MaggiCraft 1 hour ago


Anonymous 1 hour ago

sovietmisak there was no survey a month ago!!!! but okay i did it

Anonymous 1 hour ago

thank you it saved my life

Anonymous 2 hours ago

lol i am tricking some girl that i am rich and I donated her 800 tokens in fact i paid for it just $2 haha

Anonymous 2 hours ago

fuck... I just bought tokens 5 mins ago and then i discovered this website ._.

Jiiiiim 2 hours ago

I wish only I knew this website

Anonymous 2 hours ago

nah, I generated few thousands of tokens a 2 weeks ago(!) and I still got them. Don't worry dude

Jesenia035 2 hours ago

is there a way that ill be banned for that?

Anonymous 3 hours ago

what a pity you can't exchange them for $$$ haha

Anonymous 3 hours ago

lol I am addicted to chaturate now

Anonymous 3 hours ago


Anonymous 3 hours ago

oh my god I can't believe it really works, I thought it was another scam

ZteffenTheBatFan 4 hours ago

Well ok but I got a difficult survey